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Photography: Alicja Kochanowicz

Photography: Alicja Kochanowicz


Project Overview


How might we re-write our current methods for co-existing with the world?

As an artist and researcher, I seek to make visible the limits of dominant Western ideologies that for centuries, have shaped our understanding of the natural world. Assembling Ecologies is conceived as a series of ongoing, situated investigations located at the intersection of nature and culture, Assembling Ecologies charts and challenges the dominant ideologies which shape our understanding of the natural world to propose a viable alternative of kinship in our relatings. The goal of Assemblng Ecologies is to engage in experimental fieldwork practices and build relations between unlikely but necessary collaborators that work to reorient western society’s relation with the environment.


My ongoing experience oscillates between the visual arts, society and the humanities to bring about meaningful and generative change within the cultural field.  The following archive is a compounding page of events, performances news publications and supplementary information dedicated to research process for works and interventions tied to Assembling Ecologies. 

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