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The current global social and environmental climate of today drives my practice into a full immersion into the study of quotidian processes and relations of care.  It is only through the cultivation and care of our land for the benefit of all living beings can one deliver political as well as epistemological solutions to global environmental challenges.  The ongoing research practice, Assembled Ecologies investigates human and plant relations of care. How we can unlearn old habits of cultivating land and replace them with new caring habits in which the surplus of the land is returned? Assembled Ecologies aims to change the social conscious and restore ecological balance through artistic interventions rendered as small everyday acts of care.

The Bureau of Assembled Ecologies is an ongoing archive of documents from my research practice.  It is in this space where practice and theory converge and confront one another to construct a discourse in dealing with the complexities of naturecultures through gardens. 

Bureau of Assembled Ecologies

Upcoming intervention 

Sunday, March 8 2020